Tiffany Dunk Hi: Best release of february 2014?



With anticipation fueled daily by every beauty shot and tweet, the expectation of the Nike ‘Diamond’ Dunk Hi, the sportwear titans latest sneaker collab with the Diamond Supply Co., was easily shaping up to be one of the biggest releases of the year.

Camp-Out lines were swelling, the #tiffanydunk hashtag lit up with pictures of the Aqua Blue and Black freshies with the Chrome swoosh along with the people who either already owned them or couldn’t wait another moment to possess them, whether online or in line. Yes this shoe, a coveted follow-up to the Tiffany Dunk Low’s that rocked the Nike SB world 8 years ago, was the apple of February 2014’s eye. And then things went terribly wrong.

First it was announced that there would be many retailers who wouldn’t be carrying the shoe. This included at least two Nike Stores and the Diamond Supply Co itself. This initial disappointment was bittersweet because any shoe of this magnitude was destined to be very limited, and would add to the shoes value. Then word spread of retailers increasing the price for people who were not part of the skateboarding community, with some retailers even asking customers to bring boards or perform tricks in order to obtain the shoe at regular retail price. This controversy outraged many sneakerheads and became a turnoff for many who refused to pay more for a shoe that had yet to even sell, much less sell out.

And then, at 8am on Feb 8th, the final straw had been placed. As the tweets went out that the sneakers were finally available after months of waiting, sites begin having issues handling orders, with some customers and and shoes getting lost in the mix. Many complained that Nike’s own site gave out connection error after connection error until finally, the site went down… stating that it would be moments even hours before it would come back up. For some, perseverance prevailed. But for many, what looked to be one of the biggest shoe releases this month, even this year, turned out to be just another Saturday dud, which makes it all the more disappointing.

Were YOU successful? and do you think these Tiffs were the best release of february 2014?


Let us know what you think of this fallen star release in the comments below.

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