Bordeaux 7 easy-release- Will it continue?



After today’s seemingly easy release of the Bordeaux 7’s there are many questions that come into my head.  Was there an enormous amount of shoes produced? Are die hard weekend release heads getting pickier? or is the $190 price tag finally catching up to Jordan Brand?  With Nike taking a hiatus from selling Jordan’s for the last couple of months has that made buying releases easier?  Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer, but I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.




Photo: Gabagool984

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I grew up in Sacramento, CA and completely fell in love with shoes in 3rd grade when the Air Jordan 5 was released, from that point forward kicks were a major part of my life. My sneaker collection contains various types and brands, though Jordan retro's are the majority. These days I live in Chicago with my Wife and 3 kids I enjoy sharing my sneaker hobby with them.
  • rhughes98

    Seems to me like a combination of price hikes and high quantities of shoes. No matter what it is, it’s relieving to see

  • BiteSizeBully

    I think the price had something to do with it, but I actually just had a thought. Maybe they increased production to see how it goes? Hopefully they continue this trend. It would have been nice on a previous sneaker released not to long ago *cough*.

  • Gabagool984

    It’s great to see releases actually available to people that want them for retail. I hope this keeps up, especially for OG color ways, which are a big part of my collection.

  • SeniorNacho

    They were a great release.

  • SoleSoldier21

    I believe future releases depending on what they are will easier to get… General Release kicks are becoming more attainable

  • DenayaDevonne

    I hope it stays like this! Allow more people to buy them= more money! Makes sense to me!