Converse MA-1 Zip “Nylon”


Converse MA-1

The latest for Converse’s Chuck Taylor is the bomb, and if you’re fashion IQ is high you’ll understand how corny that line was.

The MA-1 bomber is the OG bomber, the one that has inspired every UrbanOutfitters and AA spinoff, the one that Kanye based his swag off and the one the latest Chuck Taylors have been inspired by. The Converse MA-1 Chuck’s in nylon seen here are a footwear interpretation of the bomber swagger and the resulting kicks are crucial.

Let us know what you think in the comments. Are you feeling them?

converse-ma-1-zip-nylon-pack_04 converse-ma-1-zip-nylon-pack_05 converse-ma-1-zip-nylon-pack_02-1 converse-ma-1-zip-nylon-pack_02

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