Hip-Hop x Sneakers, Should We Support It?



These days, many sneaker enthusiasts would more likely focus on a rapper’s sneakers than a basketball player’s. Brands are taking advantage of the hype around Hip-Hop artists. People are more influenced by the stage performers than by the court performers.

For what has been several years now, so many musical artists have had their very own specialized sneakers. The Nike Air Yeezy 1 and 2 when Kanye West was with the swoosh, now going for thousands of dollars on eBay and other sneaker marketplaces. Jordan Brands newly acquired, Drake, has had his OVO sneakers also sell for thousands of dollars. Now Kanye has the 350 Boost and the 750 Boost (both selling for around 4 times the retail price), and the upcoming 950 Boot. Eminemn has a pair of Jordan 2s and Jordan 4s by his names who both have an unreachable price. Meek Mill has a contract with Puma, the same brand that Rihanna is a creative director for. Are you and I both seeing the same trend?


So we have all these musical artists doing the job that athletes used to take care of. Is it necessarily a bad thing though?

We have a one side that uses words and terms like “hype”, “overpriced”, and “ruining the game”. They explain that the popularity around the musicians has brought to much focus to the “true sneakerheads” and those who aren’t in it for the names of the shoes.

In the other corner, the people who feel that bringing the two worlds together has been positive so far. They like having a new outlook on sneakers and let their favorite artists make some heat for their feet.

Is it just to call people who encourage putting together Hip-Hop and Sneakers together “hypebeasts”? Is it safe to label the people who despise the collaborations as “haters”? Both are incorrectly judged.

In my opinion, all the past and upcoming sneakers made by musical artists will be interesting to see. I think most of them have done great jobs with the footwear they have put out. But at the same time, the amount of focus, coverage, and thirst over these pairs have gone over the top. It has become dangerous to wear some of these pairs. Trying to get them in the first place is a nightmare. The influence these artists have on the choice of what an average sneakerhead spends his or her money on has become severe. Is having musical celebrities design sneakers a positive or a negative? It is a positive, when done the right way.

But hey, that’s just my view. Comment below what you think and explain your attitude to the affect of music on the sneaker world.

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