How’s the quality on the Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux?


With every Jordan release we hear horror stories of bad quality, the Bordeaux 7 has not been spared from those early complaints, below are some pics for you to decide yourself.

Photo Jul 15, 11 09 59 AM

People will always find something to complain about, but these in hand pics show no signs of anything but good quality.  This begs the question, what pictures are people basing their opinion off of?

Are people looking at early release websites where fakes and unauthorized sneakers run rampant?

There is no substitute for actually getting the sneakers in your hand and having a close look yourself.  From what we see, these look great!

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  • Christian123

    I hope I win they are nice

  • Asap_dj

    These are some legendary shoes…also seen in a movie poetic justice.

  • warcamp78

    From what I can see…these look to be on point.

  • Jaydswagg

    These are going to be on point and it on my bday

  • Williamskaleb1

    These are just plain dope

  • Mj_wavy

    These are mad clean

  • Kaleyd219

    I’ve seen enough Jordan’s to know that the quality is always awesome!! Those shoes in the picture look like straight fire! On point 24/7!

  • ___rawe

    Very clean simple shoe. It has very nice quality and it’s a nice shoe.The price isn’t so pretty though, but overall a nice, clean , simple shoe. A good shoes to have in my collection.

  • jericabrianna

    shoes are U0001f525 . they simple but they are very nice and i would love to have a pair

  • s08161374

    Shoes are raw asf would love them would definitely help my growing sneaker collection

  • Marlikhamilton26

    I hope I win cause these shoes are nice

  • TrendyTreDay

    These are in my holy grail of sneakers. I pray I get theses.

  • deetray78

    The quality looks good to me! I hope I win, never had a pair of 7’s

  • Woodiej

    These shoes are really dope. Love it❤️

  • TasheedV

    They do look great U0001f60dU0001f60d

  • jazzwoods21

    Love these 7s U0001f606

  • Phantasy

    I never got to buy 7 but I want this at any cost because I’m love this pair.

  • MagicMier

    One of the best jordans out there

  • AhRee

    Dope looking kicks, can’t wait to get my hands on them

  • twinxena

    I love 7’s and the Bordeaux are my favorite by far most

  • mariexoxo24

    These sneakers are U0001f525U0001f525U0001f525Im so in love U0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60d!!!

  • ChelseySosa

    looks very authentic, i love the creative detailing and especially the colors go great together. Beautiful Sneakers – Chelsey Sosa

  • Aggy24

    I think tuis shoe look awesome tl the others and i once complained to a retro low 11 because i ordered it before it got released and i got the replica.

  • JuanHernandez3

    Love these sneakers!!!!

  • Gabagool984

    Quality is A+. Just picked mine up!