Infamous Reseller Pleads Guilty


In the sneaker world time passes quickly, and things get forgotten even quicker.  Its been over a year since news broke about the owner of Supplied PDX, James Pepion, having his home raided by Homeland Security in connection to resale of counterfeit goods.  After the raid it took about a week for sneaker media to move on and forget.  Unfortunately for Mr. Pepion, the Department of Justice doesn’t have such a short term memory. As of July 1st James Pepion has pleaded guilty to both Money Laundering and Trafficking Counterfeit Goods.  The terms of the Plea Agreement allow a waiver of indictment from the Federal Grand Jury, and forfeiture of $200,000.  The Feds are seeking a sentence which includes at least 18months in federal custody.  The good news for the defendant is that the maximum sentences for the crimes are up to 20 Years in Prison and up to $2million in fines.

Just in case you forgot, fakes are bad mmmmkay

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