Mastermind Japan x Reebok Classic



This year Reebok has absolutely gone bananas with amazing collaborations. Another Reebok Ventilator is on the horizon, this time thanks to Mastermind Japan. The simplicity and craftsmanship of these set them apart. With a large Silver Skull and Crossbones embroidered on the heel, you cannot miss the Mastermind branding. A Monotone Black premium leather is used on the upper, and you also get a small Red accent on the instep of the outsole.

Mastermind wasn’t satisfied with just a Ventilator, they also brought back the classic 1985 Reebok LX 8500 and gave it a similar aesthetic treatment.

Mastermind Japan x Reebok Classic will be available in Japan on September 5th. Hopefully we will see a US release, and if so you can be sure the sneakers will keep you updated.

mastermind-japan-reebok-classics-collaborative-effort-001 mastermind-japan-reebok-classics-collaborative-effort-002 mastermind-japan-reebok-classics-collaborative-effort-003 mastermind-japan-reebok-classics-collaborative-effort-004 mastermind-japan-reebok-classics-collaborative-effort-005 mastermind-japan-reebok-classics-collaborative-effort-006mastermind-japan-reebok-classics-collaborative-effort-010 mastermind-japan-reebok-classics-collaborative-effort-007 mastermind-japan-reebok-classics-collaborative-effort-008 mastermind-japan-reebok-classics-collaborative-effort-009mastermind-japan-reebok-classics-collaborative-effort-011

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