Nike recalled the Air Jordan 1 High KO “Bred”


Air Jordan 1 High KO

We have seen Jordan releases postponed and cancelled so many times this year by Nike, that we are fairly used to it, we can almost expect it. This time however, we could never have guessed the reason.

The Air Jordan 1 High KO “Bred” release has been delayed due to Mold!

Take a look at the pictures below, for anyone that knows Canvas, it is susceptible to mold if not stored properly. We are not sure what storage conditions have lead to the issue, but from the look of it some pairs can be really bad.

If you end up grabbing a pair from a Retailer that is still going through with the launch, make sure to give your pair a good look. They are supposed to be “Bred,” not moldy bread.

air-jordan-1-ko-bred-mold-2 air-jordan-1-ko-bred-mold-3 air-jordan-1-ko-bred-mold-1

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