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Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry

NBA season is upon us and boy it is a great time to be alive!  A new series will begin today where each week a discussion of hot topics are discussed from the NBA.

The biggest news is of course basketball is back! But with only a week in we have some interesting stories to discuss such as will Steph Curry ever come back down to earth. He is easily making an early statement for a back to back MVP. Balling in the new Under Armor Curry 2 curry is averaging 39.3 per game and gas scored 118 in just three games. Holy moly this kid is amazing and this Warriors team seems to be hungry to prove all the doubters that they ain’t no joke.

The return of Durant has gone smoothly as OKC has come out the gates flaming hot at 3-0. Toronto is also showing that they want to compete in the east at 3-0.

A pleasant surprise has been the Detroit Pistons (DETROIT BASKETBALL). They have started the season off 3-0 with some quality wins over Atlanta, Chicago, and Bulls. They look to continue the streak with Pacers on Tuesday. They have combined rugged defense with their length with smart guard play. Is this team for real? We shall see.

Wasup up wit Houston? Is there a problem? At 0-3  I think they have some concerns to address. Where did Hardens powers go? It cant be the Adidas deal right?

Its still really early but this season is setting up to be a fabulous season. I love this game!

Teams to keep an eye on: Phoenix Suns and the Orlando Magic.

Key Matchups this week: OKC at Houston on Monday (Can Houston Overcome?), LAC at GSW on WED (Two unbeaten teams go at it), WAS at ATL SAT (Division Rivals).

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