Pr_Sneaks23: Sneakers App Member of the week



Ramon Rayguz_23 aka Pr_Sneaks23

Where do you live? I live in Miami.

Instagram: @Pr_Sneaks23

When did you join the App? 2013

How old are you? 37

How many pairs in your collection? 231

What brand do you like the most? Nike

Top 3 Shoes in your closet? Air Jordan Retro 6 “Motorsport”, Air Jordan Retro 6 “Cigar” and Air JordanRetro 5 “Bel-Air”

What is your Grail? Air Jordan Retro 5 “Bel-Air”

What do you like the most about the App? App is a unique social platform that provides its members a multiple of options to interact with. News-Blog, Shop, and Chat Wall are the top 3 features that I enjoy the most.

What shoe started your collection? Any story to share with us? Shaq Attaks OG white means a lot to me. This was the 1st and only premium sneaker my mom bought me. My brother and I begged her for these shoes, so she worked OT to gather the funds to buy them for us. 2 weeks later playing sandlot football I broke my ankle, fibula: and Tibia. needless to say the paramedics had to tear my shoe apart since I had a compound fracture. So the Shaq Attaq’s were my 1st “dope kicks” and I learn how to value kicks at a young age.

Have you ever met any member from the App? YES

Do you buy sneakers to resell and make profit? NO

Have you ever paid over retail for a shoe? How much was it and why did you? Yes.. A few times. The most was $150 over retail. Was a shoe I really wanted to have.

What’s your biggest sneaker Pet Peeve? I would say someone that doesn’t take care of thier kicks

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  • Gabagool984

    Great dude and great asset to the community! Awesome feature sneaks!