Saucony Betta Pack is available now



The Betta fish gets it’s name from an ancient clan of warriors, not only are they known for their aggression, but also their striking colors.  Saucony drew inspiration from the aquarium dweller for the new Shadow 6000 “Betta” Pack.  The pack is available in 3 colors each created on top of a white midsole and black wrap.  You can count on supple materials so often found on Saucony releases.

The Saucony Shadow 6000 “Betta” Pack lands at select retailers and online in the Sneakers App Shop for $80 only on July 15th.



saucony-betta-pack-4 saucony-betta-pack-2 saucony-betta-pack-3

Not only can you count on the Sneakers App shop for these stunning kicks, but also each color way now has a matching “Betta” Sneakers App shirt to compliment the shoe.  Be sure to grab yours through the app shop ASAP, they will not sit long.

bettacoral-1 betta-yellow-1 betta-blue-1


T-Shirt are being made in a limited quantity available here for $24.95

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  • Randy Santana

    Seems Very cool!!

  • jmtiu24


  • MarquiseBarham


  • SNKR_Dood

    They look nice.

  • Jlevy_

    I love how each pair has a matching fish

  • JoeALaPorte

    Them blue ones though

  • shadarrah

    They are amazing

  • _Countryyguaaki

    I’m really feeling the blue . U0001f60d but , they pink iss U0001f64cU0001f3feU0001f60d .

  • jabarig1999

    Them new 7’s are looking nice U0001f44cU0001f3feU0001f300

  • TimTawab

    Yeah I’d cop one of these

  • Lebron_Jamie

    I’m liking the blue pair the most out of the 3, but all 3 are nice.

  • 20_JWill

    The set up is dope, really digging the blue pair

  • finessebrown219

    Shoes look crispy

  • DavionPoloDownGibson

    I’m really digging the colors

  • AltaysiahRoss

    These are doop

  • Kidus

    I want to get the light red ones!

  • blounttierra

    The black and yellow ones are dope

  • couplepairs23

    These are very clean looking shoes for anyone that’s into runnerd

  • ReinaldoDytlRamos

    The red ones are raw

  • ayeitzreed_

    really digging the blue ones most of all

  • ASVP47ruben

    The blue ones are dope

  • DicePineapples

    I like those

  • Rayxgar

    They are pretty cool

  • haddyjagne044

    All of these shoes are nice.