Trophy Room Visit



Being a husband and father of 3 comes with a lot of challenges and sacrifices. Taking the family to Disney world would normally be one of those sacrifices. Long lines, insane heat and humidity, and over priced everything is not my ideal vacation. Normally just seeing my kids smile is well worth sacrifice, knowing that I am providing memories that will stay with them throughout their life.

This trip was different, there might have been a self centered hidden agenda, actually there definitely was. Trophy Room.

When I found out Marcus Jordan opened his own spot in the newly revamped Disney Springs it became a mission. Trophy Room opened May 15th, and there has been no shortage of articles detailing the hype of the grand opening weekend. Like many other stores once the hype dies, that’s when the nature of the shop is truly revealed. I figured going late July unannounced would give me a much more accurate depiction of the shop, it’s been open for a while, the kinks have been worked out, and the press is gone.

Living in Chicago there is no shortage of Sneaker Boutiques, we have some incredible spots, but in all honesty the majority of my sneaker buying is done online or through friends. Most shops I have visited in the last few years have been seriously lacking in the customer service department. Many workers are either unknowledgeable or extremely rude, selection is limited, and the overall experience just doesn’t draw me in. Trophy Room was the first spot I was genuinely excited to visit in a very long time. I really didn’t know what to expect, other than I hoped to land a pair of the exclusive Trophy Room Jordan 23’s. I was also looking forward to the possibility of meeting Marcus, it didn’t happen, but I did land the 23’s!


As soon as I opened the doors I was greeted and welcomed to the store, I can’t say how refreshing that in itself was. Not only was I welcomed, but so were my wife and kids. Several employees gave us a quick run down of the store and showed off the incredible collection that can be seen in store. The walls are decorated with great family pictures from Marcus’ childhood, that very much reinforced the family vibe, it’s as if you are being welcomed into the Jordan Family. This was the first sneaker boutique I have experienced that treated everyone in store, no matter their age, with respect and enthusiasm. I can’t reiterate enough how well informed and pleasant each employee I came across was.


IMG_2020 Being part of this sneaker hobby for a while now I have seen quite a few stores. Trophy Room is one of the few that really gets it. My hope is that it serves as a model to other shops, provide value. With the availability of almost any shoe you want online, shops have to offer something extra to get me out from behind my keyboard. Trophy Room did this exceptionally well. Good people, positive vibe, and great service. These things shouldn’t be as hard to find as they are in sneakers, but they definitely are.


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I grew up in Sacramento, CA and completely fell in love with shoes in 3rd grade when the Air Jordan 5 was released, from that point forward kicks were a major part of my life. My sneaker collection contains various types and brands, though Jordan retro's are the majority. These days I live in Chicago with my Wife and 3 kids I enjoy sharing my sneaker hobby with them.