What does IE mean in the Air Jordan 11 Low’s name?

Photo Credit NikeTalk
Photo Credit NikeTalk

The Air Jordan XI Low has been a mystery over the years for several reasons, why doesn’t it look at all like the Mid, why doesn’t it have patent leather, and what in the world doe IE mean, or is it LE?  Theories have included that the IE, is actually a lower case L, making it LE for Limited Edition.  Another theory makes claim that the I.E is in association to the official White color used on the shoe. My favorite is that it means “Imprinted Elephant,” which it unfortunately does not.

We finally have an answer, and surprisingly it was a mystery that even Tinker Hatfield himself did not have an answer to.  Jordan Brand International General Manager Gentry Humphrey has confirmed that “IE” simply stands for International Exclusive.  This begs the question of why it is deemed an International Exclusive when it has clearly been made available in the U.S since the original release, but that is for another time.

So if someone ask you: What does IE mean? Now you know the answer! Drop a comment and let us know if you thought that IE was LE (like Gaba for example).

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  • smoove354

    Wow.. Who knew! Dope shoe imo I like the alternate 11 lows with elephant print it gives the shoe a more casual feel . Definitely a cop for me ! Shout out to djmattbain! Salute sneakers app!